Various types of truck-mounted cranes, contributing to ”One Belt, One Road”

2023-04-11 15:20:14

The truck-mounted crane is a new type of efficient lifting and transporting equipment integrating lifting and transporting, which is widely used in the fields and places such as transportation, telecommunication and electric power, civil engineering and construction, freight yard and dock, depot and moving within construction because of its common characteristics of being able to lift and carry goods and being mobile and sensitive.

The truck-mounted crane has the inductive function of self-loading, self-unloading and self-transportation, and it can also be equipped with additional devices to make it have special functions such as grabbing and lifting bar materials, bulk materials, drilling, and manned work bucket, which greatly expands its application function and truly completes the application characteristics of one vehicle with multiple functions and high efficiency and mobility.

In addition, the folding jib crane has the characteristics of small size and light weight, and has a strong habit of working conditions, especially suitable for lifting and hoisting work in narrow buildings. In this field, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other prosperous countries are simply dominated by folding boom cranes, which have basically replaced the commercial market of straight boom cranes.

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