Sales service

The company has established a sound pre-sale, sale and after-sales service process

  • Pre-sales service

    We can quickly formulate detailed and economical product plans and transportation plans for customers according to their needs.

  • In-sale service

    After the contract is signed, our team will track the production, quality, packaging, sea and land transportation, customs clearance, etc. of the product in real time to ensure that the quality and quantity are guaranteed and delivered on schedule.

  • After-sales service

    We have established a quick response mechanism for after-sales service, which can solve customers’ difficult problems and parts supply problems in the shortest time.

  • Overseas Assignment

    We can also provide overseas personnel dispatch services,so that you can spare no effort.

  • Remote Guidance

    No matter where you are,we can guide you remotely only if you have Internet.

  • 24-Hour Service

    Ones top service Professiona service team to solve your problems.

  • Jushixin's mission:

    Design and manufacture better logistics and transportation equipment, win-win with customers, share with the world, make transportation more economical, and make logistics smoother.

  • Jushixin's vision:

    To become a world-class transportation equipment manufacturer and supplier.

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