Refueling Tanker truck

Oil tank trucks are mainly used to transport oil products.
Some fuel tank trucks can also be refueling tank trucks with refueling devices.

Product Introduction

Oil tank trucks are mainly used to transport oil products.

Some fuel tank trucks can also be refueling tank trucks with refueling devices.

Our company also produces oil tank trailers, and the manufacturing standards can be in accordance with European standard API equipment.

At present, our company produces 3000~35000 liters tank trucks

Oil tank trailers range from 40,000 to 70,000 liters.

Aviation tankers shall meet the requirements of the latest version of MH/T 6101 "Aviation Tankers". The refueling system suitable for civil aviation aviation fuel consists of a chassis, a fuel tank, a pumping system, a control system and an operating part, and has functions such as filtering, metering, refueling, pumping, filling, self-filling, and self-circulation. should be satisfied. Operating conditions require an ambient temperature of -25°C to +46°C.

The continuous working time shall not be less than 8 hours.

With intelligent support system: 360-degree surveillance camera and GPS global positioning and remote control.

With reel retraction speed control valve to prevent the hose from automatically sliding out and unfolding too quickly when the hose is pulled out. The reel hose entry and exit control device should be equipped with an anti-misoperation device.

With dead man control system.

It is suitable for civil aircraft, fighter jets, and mobile refueling vehicles.

Cab Flat top with sleeper Engine(PS) 380 HP
Dimensions(mm) 11850*2500*3600 Tank inner size(mm) 9000×2300×1600
Curb Weight(kg) 14500 Load (kg) 25500
Delivery about 30-50 days Warranty 12 months
Item Specification
Cab Sinotruk HW76 NEW cab, reversible, with A/C, with sleeper
Front axle HF 7 Ton *2
Rear axle ST 16 Ton*2
Transmission HW19710 transmission with 10 speed gears
Vehicle frame Straight through reinforced beam
Tires 295/80R22.5 type 13 PC Vacuum Tires include 1pc spare tire
ABS Have
PTO interface have
PTO HW70. Pump in and pump out, the engine speed will be set to 700RPM when the PTO is on, when it is off the speed will return to normal. With independent control valve to control the hydraulic pump independently when using PTO
Front/rear suspension Front: 1500, Rear: 2600(mm)
Departure angle Front: 19, Rear: 11
suspension Leaf spring  10/10/12
Leaf spring front 10/10, rear 12
Number of axles 4
Wheelbase(mm) 1800+4600+1350
Number of tires 12+1
Track(mm) 2040;2040 /1860;1860
Lines A 24/12V converter and connector included in the wiring circuit (mainly for transmitting and receiving dual-ways radios)
Drive type 8*4
Engine D10.380-40 sinotruk 380hp
daylight LED lights up & beacon warning light (flat horizontal light) on top of the cab lights up when the engine is running and driving.
Emission Standards Euro IV
Driving style Steering wheel / RHD
Fuel tank capacity 400L
Brake Drum
Braking System Air brake
Spare tire rack Have
Lights Have
Voltage 24V
Toolbox Have
Colour According to user requirements
Steering Machine ZF8198
Compartment 5 compartment,equally distributed. Each bin is numbered and the dipstick is marked with the number of the bin to which it relates
Tank aluminum 5083 /head: 7mm, cylinder: 6mm
Partition board 4 pcs  aluminum 5083/7mm
Tank volume 30 CBM
Top handrail Pneumatic handrail, switch set at the end of the tank (or below)
Walkway of top tank Have
Fire extinguisher Have
Climb the ladder Have
Exhaust pipe Front position. Adjustable exhaust pipe.
Manhole 5 units  DN500   CIVACON ADR specification
Discharge valve Have, 4''  5 sets  CIVACON  brand, API Adapter, Dust Cap.
Subsea valve 5 sets
Vapor Recovery Unit  1 set  CIVACON  brand
Emergency shut-off  have
tank mouth
5 sets   CIVACON  brand
Bottom filling 5 sets
Breathing valve 5 sets
Overload system  Have, Overload protection
ADR specification
Overload sensor
Level gauge Float type/one per compartment ; Put on the tank, External display
Oil measuring dipstick One/per silo,with corresponding number.Precise calibration before leave our factory.
Yellow warning light 3pcs/front one on the cab, back two on the left /right sides of horizontal straight bar
Refill System A complete set of fuel dispenser, fueling nozzle, fueling hose (15m) all on the left side of the truck
Reversing camera have one, Outside the truck, rear position.
Monitoring camera have two, each on left and right side of the truck.
In-cab camera have one. Align the driving position.
GPS Have. With monitoring host (four-way), SD card, LCD monitor, and adapter cables.
Remote system compatible with Digicel and Vodafone SIM cards.
Remark photo for your reference. 
All configurations of tank valves are CIVACON specifications
Boxes are on the left hand side of truck, all labels and instructions must be in English

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