Sweeper truck

1. Save manpower and reduce costs: What is currently the most expensive? Is the original labor.
2. One vehicle and one person for road sweeper, fast speed, quick effect, short time.

Product Introduction

1. Save manpower and reduce costs: What is currently the most expensive? Is the original labor.
2. One vehicle and one person for road sweeper, fast speed, quick effect, short time.
3. The road sweeper is one of the magic weapons for improving the image of municipal enterprises. It can be used by the government, companies, and community cleaning!

Sweeper truck

working principle

The auxiliary engine drives the hydraulic oil pump and fan to work. The hydraulic oil pump drives the left and right scanning discs to retract, lift, and rotate. The left and right scanning discs sweep the garbage on both sides under the sweeper and in front of the suction nozzle. The fan generates high-speed airflow in the air duct composed of the dustbin, suction pipe and nozzle. Under the action of airflow, garbage is sucked into the nozzle and enters the dustbin. The chassis engine drives the scrubber to move forward, and the garbage scanned in front of the suction nozzle continuously enters the suction nozzle, and is continuously sucked into the trash bin to achieve road cleaning.

Advantages of road sweepers

1. The best choice for cleaning roads, factories and communities.

2. High-pressure water flushing and spray dust removal are optional.

3. All functions are contained in 1 control panel in the cabin, easy for 1 person to control.

4. Stainless steel water tank and dustbin, which can be used for a long time.

5. Hydraulically controlled brush automatic retreat system to avoid collision.

6. The floating suction cup can be adjusted according to the height of the road surface.

7. Water spray and dustproof are optional.

8. Optional music warning system and reversing alarm.

Sweeper truck

Cab Flat top Engine  220 HP
Dimensions(mm) 8300×2500×3200 Driving form Steering wheel / LHD
curb weight (kg) 12000 Total weight (kg) 18000
Production  about 30 days Warranty 12 months
Item Specification Remark
Cab Dongfeng Tianjin Cab; Reversible with A/C, Power windows, central door locking
Front axle 5 Tons
Rear axle 10 Tons
Gearbox FAST of 6 transmission
Truck frame Through reinforced girder
Tires 10.00R20 type steel tire 6pcs with 1 spare tires free
PTO interface Have
PTO  Have
Front / rear  Front: 1430, Rear: 2170 (mm)
Departure corner Front: 20, Rear: 13
suspension Leaf spring 8/10 + 8
Leaf spring Front 8, rear 10 + 8
Number of axles 2
Wheelbase (mm) 4700
Drive type 4*2
engine YC6J220-52 220HP
Displacement 6.5 L
brake Drum / air brake
Braking System Air-break braking system
Spare tire frame Have
light Have
Voltage 12V
colour According to user requirements
Speed 95KW/h
Partial configuration
Trash can material 304L/4mm
Box shape Rectangular box
Water tank material 304L/4mm
Trash bin volume 9 m3   
Water tank volume 5 m3
Sweep 4 pcs / sweep plate speed to achieve independent 3 speed adjustment
Auxiliary engine B140-33   Cummins / 140 HP
Cycloidal Motor Dali
Control switch Schneider
Solenoid valve set Taiwan brand
Hydraulic oil pump Anhui Liquid
Water pump Germany brand; (front flush/side spray/medium spray/back spray)/side flush water gun/trash bin self-cleaning device)
clutch Maintenance-free self-separating
Blower Maintenance-free
Emergency system Manual
Brush arm rotation
High-tech wear-resistant engineering spacer sleeve, free of lubricant; precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic oil pipe
Sweeping width 3.5m
Work ability 45000-90000m² / h
Maximum inhaled particles 110mm
Cleaning efficiency More than 95%
Operating speed 3-25km/h
Maximum unloading
angle of trash
45 degrees
LED arrow light Have
Reverse and right
sweep display
Emergency Response System Have
Electric tail control device Have
Remarks: Pictures for reference, logo can be customized.
Other configurations:
mid-mounted ultra-wide nozzle; double-layer vacuum cylinder; universal high-pressure road cleaning; Weilong low-pressure pump (front flush), pneumatic ball valve control, oil, garbage tank, water tank with overflow prevention or low alarm device; reversing and washing state indoor monitor; a variety of voice prompts; reverse automatic protection, anti-dumping garbage rollover protection, maintenance safety protection; 20m high-pressure flushing reel; brush arm rotation mechanism using German Imported high-tech wear-resistant engineering spacer, grease free; precision cold bending seamless hydraulic oil pipe; motion controller one key computer control.

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